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The Process

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Mood Board Development

We will create and present 3 mood boards to you, each showcasing various design treatments, emotions, and potential directions for the logo creation.

* Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of the possibilities and to gather your input on what direction to proceed with, including any directions you may dislike, so that we can streamline our process and ensure that the next steps are aligned with your vision.

Black and White Sketching

Based on the mood boards, we will create 3 black and white sketches that include the text (name of the game) and an illustration symbol/background.

* These will explore different ideas, compositions, treatments and symbolism. After this stage, we will ask for your feedback on your preferred version, so we can refine it.

Color Options

We will present color options for the chosen sketch, showcasing how the chosen design will look in different color schemes. Our goal is to ensure that the color choices align with your vision and reinforce the intended emotions and aesthetic of the logo.

* After presenting the color options, we will seek your feedback on your preferred version and refine it accordingly.

Refining the Title Font

We will refine the font by paying close attention to its details, such as letter spacing, line thickness, and overall aesthetic. Our goal is to create a font that not only is legible, but also visually appealing and unique to your brand.

* We will take the time to make sure that every aspect of the font is polished and in line with your vision, ensuring that it represents your brand in the best way possible.

Refining the Illustration

We will refine the illustration/symbol/background by adding details. We will work on enhancing its visual appeal and uniqueness, so it perfectly complements the refined font.

* After refining both, we will send you the logo and request your feedback to finalize it. You will have two rounds of feedback at this stage, with input limited to minor tweaks, to ensure that the final product accurately represents your brand.

Finalization and Showcasing

We will finalize the logo and showcase it in the best way possible through beauty shots. This step will bring the logo to life and give your audience a sense of the overall aesthetic of the project.

* Whether it's being displayed on your website, used in your marketing materials, or included in your products, our goal is to make sure that your logo presents your brand in the most professional and impactful way possible.

Our Work


client: Portal Hunters

Portal Hunters was one of the most exciting projects we were honored to create a logo for. We did our best to deliver this outstanding piece of art - designed and hand-drawn by our artists.

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client: Daedalic Entertainment

We were pleased to work on this remarkable project for Daedalic Entertainment. The logo is created from scratch and each element is painted by our artists exclusively for the project with great attention to detail.

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client: Limitless Games

This challenging project made us experiment with various styles and colors to achieve balance of the elements. Working on ASCENDANTS RISING was definitely a great achievement and a memorable experience.

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